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  • Concrete & Mortar Handbook (e-Book)


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    Concrete & Mortar Handbook ­– A guide for using concrete and mortar correctly. This is an essential handbook for anyone working with concrete and mortar, whether a complete novice or tradesman, DIY handyman or small builder who has experience in the various fields of construction. It is also a great on-site handbook for professionals in the field.
    Simply presented, concise and self-explanatory, this 45-page ebook is packed full of all the essential information needed to complete any project of this kind with success. It contains comprehensive information that covers all the basics required for concrete-work, along with essential facts and useful tips and techniques necessary for working successfully with mortar, whether used for bricklaying, plaster or screeds. This includes good, solid information on everything from the right choice of materials used to make quality concrete and mortar, to mixing methods for concrete and mortar, how to place and finish concrete, and how to plaster walls and/or tackle floors.

    Vital technical details are explained in simple language that even a beginner will be able to grasp, and from it gain sufficient confidence to proceed with most standard jobs.

    All chapters within the book are illustrated with full-colour photographs that clearly augment the relevant text, including step-by-step sections presented to further simplify the tasks at hand.

    A number of technical tables give the correct quantities and mix proportions to be used for preparing various grades of concrete as well as mixing ratios for mortar, plaster and floor screeds. There is a section on how to colour concrete and mortar; examples of how to quantify materials; another section on batching for hand-compacted concrete when using a small concrete mixer; as well as invaluable instructions on how to do field tests on sand to be used for mortar or plaster. To read this book you will need Adobe Acrobat pdf viewer, please click the link at the top of the page (free).

  • Energy Efficient Building in South Africa

    Energy Efficient Building in South Africa (e-Book)


    Energy Efficient Building in South Africa is a layman’s guide to ensuring that the energy efficiency regulations are met in terms of the building standards that are currently applicable in South Africa.

    The purpose of the book is to provide a simplified guide to SANS 10400XA that has been implemented to ensure that all new houses comply with certain basic standards of energy efficiency partly to reduce electricity wastage and, more specifically, to improve levels of comfort inside a home.

    However, Energy Efficient Building in South Africa also provides a range of useful tips and ideas covering the entire building process, making it an ideal introduction to building for the layman or for any first-year students considering a career in the building industry.

    It is extensively illustrated, contains reference resources relating to the climatic conditions in South Africa’s different regions, provides guidelines of architectural styles and outlines and simplifies some of the complicated issues that face anyone building a home today.

    It is not a technical manual but rather a layman’s guide, so it has been written in an easy, flowing style that eliminates jargon and demystifies many of the technically complicated aspects of building.

    Energy Efficient Building in South Africa comprises three sections:

    • Section One: Planning Fundamentals
    • Section Two: Building Fundamentals
    • Section Three: Living Fundamentals

    Energy Efficient Building in South Africa provides the reader with plenty of ideas for his or her own home and gives the reader practical guidelines on saving money and, most of all, making a home comfortable to live in for a sustained period. To read this book you will need Adobe Acrobat pdf viewer, please click the link at the top of the page (free).

  • FIX•it•QUICK: how-to for the home handyman (e-Book)


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    A beautifully presented guide to all the skills a DIY enthusiast needs, FIX•It•Quick: how-to for the home handyman deliberately avoids long-winded explanations and concentrates on the core basic skills required to maintain and improve any home: from down-to-earth bricklaying and plastering, paving and screeding, and tiling, to elementary woodwork and carpentry, as well as welding, braising and soldering, creative painting and paint effects, and fundamental plumbing and electrics.

    Each chapter shows what tools are required and how to use them. Skills are shown in action, illustrated with step-by-step colour photographs, showing you exactly how-to tackle typical projects. Hints and tips are scattered throughout the text to alert you to problem areas and pinpoint the quickest, most effective methods.

    This book is ideal for the DIY beginner, the home enthusiast, or anyone wanting to improve their range of handyman skills to increase their earnings potential. Equipped with the knowledge of these skills, you will be able to increase your experience, and with practise, develop your own skills further. This is the book that will get you up and running with confidence, speed and ability.
    To read this book you will need Adobe Acrobat pdf viewer, please click the link at the top of the page (free).

  • how to build a carport cover

    How to Build a Carport – the Easy Way (e-Book)


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    How To Build a Carport the Easy Way (eBook) provides simple and easy-to-follow instructions that will enable you to build a carport using bricks and mortar, wood or metal, combined with a variety of roofing or cover options. This ebook explains the basic principles involved in planning a carport project, from choosing a suitable design and style for your home, to quantifying and costing the materials required to build it.  All the building basics are covered, including construction methods, tools needed, and the full spectrum of both roofing and parking possibilities. There are three fully illustrated step-by-step projects that show how to mix and cast concrete, how to lay brick paving, and how to build a carport with brick or block pillars.  There are also instructions on how to mix mortar and set out structures.
    How To Build a Carport the easy way. This full colour eBook will guide you through all stages of your carport project, with hundreds of full color photographs and a selection of imaginative carport plans. There are lots of pictures to give you good ideas that you can copy or adapt.  Written for an international audience, it also explains the importance of building codes and regulations in the USA, UK, Australia and South Africa, and suggests ways that professional people can help with your project. To read this book you will need Adobe Acrobat pdf viewer, please click the link at the top of the page (free).

  • How To Lay Bricks & Blocks – the easy way (e-Book)


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    How To Lay Bricks & Blocks the easy way: a step-by-step guide provides a simple and easy-to-follow introduction to the materials and techniques used when working with bricks or blocks made from concrete and clay. It details methods used to mix and lay concrete for foundations or garden paths, walkways and stairs, and illustrates techniques for plastering walls. Carefully summarised materials lists provide at a glance information. There are also easy-to-follow guidelines to familiarise the amateur with the vital building principles required to succeed with an impressive range of brickwork projects.
    A short chapter on Sitework describes how to lay out structures from a basic garden planter to a simple building. It also gives valuable information on foundation types and require­ments and covers the subject of damp-proofing floors, walls and roofs. A chapter on Building Procedures is intended for those wishing to tackle more complicated projects ranging from arches and curved or circular walls to garages, outbuildings and even a small house or addition. The use of shuttering for concrete is described and illustrated and the techniques used to build steps from bricks and concrete is covered in some detail. Since the installation of door and window frames, lintels and roofing are all a vital part of construction work, these elements are also included in the chapter. Finally, the various paving options are described and illustrated photographically.

    How To Lay Bricks & Blocks the easy way: This step-by-step guide is a clear, concise and essential book for all brickwork enthusiasts, including total amateurs. Whichever project you decide to tackle, this book will help you complete it successfully. Hopefully you will find that not only is bricklaying a skill which anybody can master, but it also presents a wealth of opportunities few other DIY activities can offer.
    INCLUDES: Over 300 colour pictures and 11 easy Step-by-Step projects

  • How to Weld – the Easy Way (e-Book)


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    How To Weld the easy way. This full colour eBook will provide you with simple and easy-to-follow introductions to the full range of techniques needed when working with metal of various kinds. Detailed information about metalworking tools, materials and equipment, together with photographs and detailed step-by-step instructions, will enable you to successfully cut, bend and join metal using the most popular techniques and processes used by professionals worldwide.These include soldering, brazing, brazewelding, gas welding, arc welding and MIG welding.The most common finishing techniques are also covered.These include farily straightforward painting as well as special effects you can do yourself, as well as specialist coatings and finishes such as galvanising and powder or epoxy coating.

    Whether you want to make practical items like burglar bars or garden gates, produce your own metal furniture or simply repair existing metalwork, this book will show you how to plan and execute the projects you choose with ease. Along with a host of good ideas, there are more than ten sample projects of varying complexity you can make, simply by following step- by-step photographic instructions. A list of materials is given for each project, and essential tools and equipment are listed.These projects are quite varied, and they include several that are suitable for complete amateurs, as well as others that require more advanced skills.

    You can start working on the simpler designs with no prior experience; perhaps make a handy hanger or barbecue tongs, and then move on to the drinks stand or candle stick project. Once you are feeling more confident, you will be able to tackle burglar bars, gates and furniture with ease, and you can then move onto more complicated projects such as fireplaces and built-in barbecues. To read this book you will need Adobe Acrobat pdf viewer, please click the link at the top of the page (free).

  • How To Weld Metalwork Projects Cover

    How To Weld Metalwork Projects (e-Book)


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    How To Weld Metalwork Projects-eBook is a clear, concise and essential book for all metalworking enthusiasts. How To Weld Metalwork Projects is a bright inspirational guide for making metal items and furniture. It has easy to follow step-by-step instructions that will help you tackle welding techniques, even if you have never welded before. Profusely illustrated with more than 350 colour photographs, the book introduces you to different types of metalworking techniques and the best tools and equipment that you can use.

    There are also helpful hints for cutting and bending metal, and you will see exactly how to make a variety of jigs. The most common finishing techniques and paint finishes that you can use on metal are well illustrated.These include popular contemporary techniques like faux verdigris and fake rust finishes.There are more than 17 different items of varying complexity that you can make just by following the step-by-step projects that are illustrated.

    All materials and the tools required for each project are listed and explained. Suitable finishes are suggested. If you enjoy making your own designs, you can adapt the different projects to create your very own furniture and stylish accessories.The range of projects includes a table and a chair, candlesticks, lamps, a garden bench, burglar bars and security gates, as well as a handy wine rack, a mirror and an attractive plant stand.The items range from very simple, ideal for the beginner, to relatively difficult. To read this book you will need Adobe Acrobat pdf viewer, please click the link at the top of the page (free).

  • From Penguin Random House

    Owner Building in South Africa

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    If you are planning to build or renovate your own home, Owner Building in South Africa is an indispensable guide. Whether you are a hands-on builder or simply want to monitor the subcontractors, this practical reference book will enable you to tackle the project with confidence. Written for the 21st century owner builder whose idea of a ‘notebook’ does not mean a pencil and paper!, it provides all the information you need for every aspect of the project, including:
    • purchasing the land
    • costing and financing
    • planning and scheduling
    • selecting and purchasing building materials
    • working with subcontractors
    • site preparation
    • construction, from the foundations to the roof
    • adding the basic and decorative finishes
    • landscaping
    • securing the property against intrusion

    Authors note: This is one our most comprehensive and successful titles to date. This is currently not available on our site but you can order a printed copy or an e-Book via RandomHouseStruik just click the link below. Thank you.



  • REG in ’n KITS - basiese wenke vir die nutsman

    REG in ’n KITS – basiese wenke vir die nutsman (e-Boek)


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    Reg in ’n Kits: basiese wenke vir die nutsman is ‘n puik saamgestelde gids tot al die vaardighede wat ‘n selfdoen-entoesias nodig het. Dit vermy doelbewus langdradige verduidelikings en konsentreer op die kernvaardighede wat nodig is om enige huis in stand te hou en te verbeter: van doodgewone messelwerk, afvlak en pleister, tot elementêre houtwerk; sweis, sweissoldeer en soldeer; kreatiewe verf en verftegnieke; en basiese loodgietery en elektriese werk.

    Elke hoofstuk wys watter gereedskap nodig is en hoe om dit te gebruik. Vaardighede word in aksie getoon, geïllustreer met stap-vir-stap kleurfoto’s wat jou presies wys hoe om tipiese projekte aan te pak. Wenke is regdeur die teks gestip om probleemareas uit te wys en die vinnigste, effektiefste metodes te identifiseer om dit te hanteer.

    Hierdie boek is ideaal vir die beginner-nutsman, die selfdoen-entoesias of enigeen wat sy of haar beter as nutsman wil bekwaam met die oog op ‘n moontlike inkomste. Toegerus met ‘n kennis van hierdie vaardig hede sal jy jou ervaring kan verbreed en, met oefening, jou eie kundigheid selfs verder ontwikkel. Dit is die boek wat jou met selfvertroue, spoed en vaardigheid aan die werk sal laat spring.

  • water features for patio & gardens

    Water Features for Patios and Gardens(e-Book)


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    Water Features for Patios and Gardens is an inspirational guide to water features and patios and gardens that will turn your home into a lifestyle experience. It is a comprehensive, practical guide to designing, building and installing ponds, formal pools and the full range of water features for patios and gardens of all sizes and styles.

    Whether you want to create an ambitious water garden which will attract wildlife and birds, build a pretty, reflective lily pond, or simply include an ornamental fountain on your patio, here you will find the ideas and instructions to complete your plans with ease.

    There is a wide range of waterproofing information, from inexpensive polyurethane and geotextile membranes to sealed concrete and fibreglass. There are instructions on how to seal a variety of containers with step-by-step illustrations.

    This book will show you how to plan and execute your designs, detailing tools and materials, sealants, pumps, and filters. Design ideas are well illustrated and include several before and after examples guaranteed to inspire even the most reluctant handyman.

    Once you have established your new water feature, learn how to maintain it, stock it with fish, and attract birds, frogs and other creatures to your new environment.

    There are also details about marginal plants, floating aquatic plants, and rock garden plants, with full colour photographs to assist with plant identification.

    Create a feature that will refresh and revitalise your outdoor area, whether you want a natural pond for keeping fish, a more compact feature using planters to enliven your patio, a simple Japanese feature, or a trickling stream which looks as if it occurs quite naturally. With this beautifully illustrated book, you will be able to create the water feature of your dreams.


  • Waterfokuspunte vir die Tuin en Patio(e-Boek)


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    Waterfokuspunte vir die tuin en patio is ‘n inspirerende boek wat jou huis en tuin ‘n belewenis sal maak. Dit is ‘n omvattende, praktiese gids wat jou sal help om dammetjies, formele vywers en ‘n volledige reeks waterfokuspunte in enige grootte en styl vir jou patio en tuin te ontwerp, te bou en te installeer.

    Ongeag of jy ‘n ambisieuse watertuin wil skep wat diere, insekte en voëls sal lok, ‘n reflektiewe leliedammetjie wil bou of eenvoudig ‘n ornamentele spuitfonteintjie op jou patio wil aanbring, jy sal hier die idees en aanwysings vind om jou planne maklik deur te voer.

    Jy sal volop inligting kry oor waterdigting, van goedkoop poliuretaan en geotekstielmembrane tot verseëlde beton en veselglas. Volledige aanwysings om ‘n verskeidenheid houers te verseël, word stap-vir-stap geïllustreer.

    Hierdie boek sal jou wys hoe om jou ontwerpe te beplan en uit te voer, en verskaf gedetailleerde inligting oor gereedskap, seëlaars, pompe en filters. Ontwerpe is goed geïllustreer en sluit talle “voor en na”-voorbeelde in om selfs die huiwerigste nutsman te inspireer.

    Nadat jy jou waterfokuspunt gevestig het, sal jy leer hoe om dit in stand te hou, vis daarin te sit, en voëls, paddas en ander wildlewe na jou nuwe omgewing te lok.

    Besonderhede omtrent randplante, drywende waterplante, asook rotstuinplante word verskaf, met kleurfoto’s om jou te help om die plante te identifiseer.

    Skep ‘n fokuspunt wat jou buitemuurse omgewing sal verfraai en nuwe lewe daaraan sal gee – dit kan ‘n natuurlike dammetjie wees om vis in aan te hou, of ‘n meer kompakte fokuspunt wat bestaan uit plantbakke om jou patio op te helder, ‘n eenvoudige Japanse fokuspunt of ‘n kabbelende stroompie wat heeltemal natuurlik lyk. Met hierdie pragtig geïllustreerde boek sal jy die waterfokuspunt waarvan jy nog altyd gedroom het, kan skep.

  • Woodwork the Easy way cover

    Woodwork the Easy Way – Step-by-Step (e-Book)


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    WOODWORK MADE EASY: a step-by-step guide introduces DIY enthusiasts and amateur carpenters to the full range of techniques and equipment required to tackle a wide selection of projects. A sister publication to METALWORK MADE EASY and BRICKWORK MADE EASY it describes the different types of woods suitable for various uses, and features step-by-step photographs to guide the reader from start to finish. Detailed information about woodworking tools, materials and equipment, together with photographs and instructions, will enable you to successfully cut, join, and work with wood using the most popular techniques and processes. Twenty projects are illustrated step-by-step, along with materials lists and suggested tools and equipment for each task. Alternative ideas are also given.

    Wood is a versatile material which may be used to make a host of items from decorative objects to furniture and outdoor structures. Once you have grasped the basic skills required you will find that it is not a difficult material to work with.

    A chapter on Building Procedures is intended for those wishing to tackle more involved projects like garden sheds, outbuildings or even granny flats. Instructions and illustrations guide you through dry wall construction and show how basic doors and windows are fitted and a simple roof erected.

    WOODWORK MADE EASY is a clear, concise and essential book for all woodwork enthusiasts. Whether you want to make gifts for friends and family, furniture for your home or structures and shelters for your garden, it will show you how to do so with confidence.
    To read this book you will need Adobe Acrobat pdf viewer, please click the link at the top of the page (free).