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  • Concrete & Mortar Handbook (e-Book)


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    Concrete & Mortar Handbook ­– A guide for using concrete and mortar correctly. This is an essential handbook for anyone working with concrete and mortar, whether a complete novice or tradesman, DIY handyman or small builder who has experience in the various fields of construction. It is also a great on-site handbook for professionals in the field.
    Simply presented, concise and self-explanatory, this 45-page ebook is packed full of all the essential information needed to complete any project of this kind with success. It contains comprehensive information that covers all the basics required for concrete-work, along with essential facts and useful tips and techniques necessary for working successfully with mortar, whether used for bricklaying, plaster or screeds. This includes good, solid information on everything from the right choice of materials used to make quality concrete and mortar, to mixing methods for concrete and mortar, how to place and finish concrete, and how to plaster walls and/or tackle floors.

    Vital technical details are explained in simple language that even a beginner will be able to grasp, and from it gain sufficient confidence to proceed with most standard jobs.

    All chapters within the book are illustrated with full-colour photographs that clearly augment the relevant text, including step-by-step sections presented to further simplify the tasks at hand.

    A number of technical tables give the correct quantities and mix proportions to be used for preparing various grades of concrete as well as mixing ratios for mortar, plaster and floor screeds. There is a section on how to colour concrete and mortar; examples of how to quantify materials; another section on batching for hand-compacted concrete when using a small concrete mixer; as well as invaluable instructions on how to do field tests on sand to be used for mortar or plaster. To read this book you will need Adobe Acrobat pdf viewer, please click the link at the top of the page (free).