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  • FIX•it•QUICK: how-to for the home handyman (e-Book)


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    A beautifully presented guide to all the skills a DIY enthusiast needs, FIX•It•Quick: how-to for the home handyman deliberately avoids long-winded explanations and concentrates on the core basic skills required to maintain and improve any home: from down-to-earth bricklaying and plastering, paving and screeding, and tiling, to elementary woodwork and carpentry, as well as welding, braising and soldering, creative painting and paint effects, and fundamental plumbing and electrics.

    Each chapter shows what tools are required and how to use them. Skills are shown in action, illustrated with step-by-step colour photographs, showing you exactly how-to tackle typical projects. Hints and tips are scattered throughout the text to alert you to problem areas and pinpoint the quickest, most effective methods.

    This book is ideal for the DIY beginner, the home enthusiast, or anyone wanting to improve their range of handyman skills to increase their earnings potential. Equipped with the knowledge of these skills, you will be able to increase your experience, and with practise, develop your own skills further. This is the book that will get you up and running with confidence, speed and ability.
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