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  • How To Lay Bricks & Blocks – the easy way (e-Book)


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    How To Lay Bricks & Blocks the easy way: a step-by-step guide provides a simple and easy-to-follow introduction to the materials and techniques used when working with bricks or blocks made from concrete and clay. It details methods used to mix and lay concrete for foundations or garden paths, walkways and stairs, and illustrates techniques for plastering walls. Carefully summarised materials lists provide at a glance information. There are also easy-to-follow guidelines to familiarise the amateur with the vital building principles required to succeed with an impressive range of brickwork projects.
    A short chapter on Sitework describes how to lay out structures from a basic garden planter to a simple building. It also gives valuable information on foundation types and require­ments and covers the subject of damp-proofing floors, walls and roofs. A chapter on Building Procedures is intended for those wishing to tackle more complicated projects ranging from arches and curved or circular walls to garages, outbuildings and even a small house or addition. The use of shuttering for concrete is described and illustrated and the techniques used to build steps from bricks and concrete is covered in some detail. Since the installation of door and window frames, lintels and roofing are all a vital part of construction work, these elements are also included in the chapter. Finally, the various paving options are described and illustrated photographically.

    How To Lay Bricks & Blocks the easy way: This step-by-step guide is a clear, concise and essential book for all brickwork enthusiasts, including total amateurs. Whichever project you decide to tackle, this book will help you complete it successfully. Hopefully you will find that not only is bricklaying a skill which anybody can master, but it also presents a wealth of opportunities few other DIY activities can offer.
    INCLUDES: Over 300 colour pictures and 11 easy Step-by-Step projects