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    Owner Building in South Africa

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    If you are planning to build or renovate your own home, Owner Building in South Africa is an indispensable guide. Whether you are a hands-on builder or simply want to monitor the subcontractors, this practical reference book will enable you to tackle the project with confidence. Written for the 21st century owner builder whose idea of a ‘notebook’ does not mean a pencil and paper!, it provides all the information you need for every aspect of the project, including:
    • purchasing the land
    • costing and financing
    • planning and scheduling
    • selecting and purchasing building materials
    • working with subcontractors
    • site preparation
    • construction, from the foundations to the roof
    • adding the basic and decorative finishes
    • landscaping
    • securing the property against intrusion

    Authors note: This is one our most comprehensive and successful titles to date. This is currently not available on our site but you can order a printed copy or an e-Book via RandomHouseStruik just click the link below. Thank you.