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  • Energy Efficient Building in South Africa

    Energy Efficient Building in South Africa (e-Book)


    Energy Efficient Building in South Africa is a layman’s guide to ensuring that the energy efficiency regulations are met in terms of the building standards that are currently applicable in South Africa.

    The purpose of the book is to provide a simplified guide to SANS 10400XA that has been implemented to ensure that all new houses comply with certain basic standards of energy efficiency partly to reduce electricity wastage and, more specifically, to improve levels of comfort inside a home.

    However, Energy Efficient Building in South Africa also provides a range of useful tips and ideas covering the entire building process, making it an ideal introduction to building for the layman or for any first-year students considering a career in the building industry.

    It is extensively illustrated, contains reference resources relating to the climatic conditions in South Africa’s different regions, provides guidelines of architectural styles and outlines and simplifies some of the complicated issues that face anyone building a home today.

    It is not a technical manual but rather a layman’s guide, so it has been written in an easy, flowing style that eliminates jargon and demystifies many of the technically complicated aspects of building.

    Energy Efficient Building in South Africa comprises three sections:

    • Section One: Planning Fundamentals
    • Section Two: Building Fundamentals
    • Section Three: Living Fundamentals

    Energy Efficient Building in South Africa provides the reader with plenty of ideas for his or her own home and gives the reader practical guidelines on saving money and, most of all, making a home comfortable to live in for a sustained period. To read this book you will need Adobe Acrobat pdf viewer, please click the link at the top of the page (free).