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    Woodwork the Easy Way – Step-by-Step (e-Book)


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    WOODWORK MADE EASY: a step-by-step guide introduces DIY enthusiasts and amateur carpenters to the full range of techniques and equipment required to tackle a wide selection of projects. A sister publication to METALWORK MADE EASY and BRICKWORK MADE EASY it describes the different types of woods suitable for various uses, and features step-by-step photographs to guide the reader from start to finish. Detailed information about woodworking tools, materials and equipment, together with photographs and instructions, will enable you to successfully cut, join, and work with wood using the most popular techniques and processes. Twenty projects are illustrated step-by-step, along with materials lists and suggested tools and equipment for each task. Alternative ideas are also given.

    Wood is a versatile material which may be used to make a host of items from decorative objects to furniture and outdoor structures. Once you have grasped the basic skills required you will find that it is not a difficult material to work with.

    A chapter on Building Procedures is intended for those wishing to tackle more involved projects like garden sheds, outbuildings or even granny flats. Instructions and illustrations guide you through dry wall construction and show how basic doors and windows are fitted and a simple roof erected.

    WOODWORK MADE EASY is a clear, concise and essential book for all woodwork enthusiasts. Whether you want to make gifts for friends and family, furniture for your home or structures and shelters for your garden, it will show you how to do so with confidence.
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