Water Features for Patios and Gardens(e-Book)

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Water Features for Patios and Gardens is an inspirational guide to water features and patios and gardens that will turn your home into a lifestyle experience. It is a comprehensive, practical guide to designing, building and installing ponds, formal pools and the full range of water features for patios and gardens of all sizes and styles.

Whether you want to create an ambitious water garden which will attract wildlife and birds, build a pretty, reflective lily pond, or simply include an ornamental fountain on your patio, here you will find the ideas and instructions to complete your plans with ease.

There is a wide range of waterproofing information, from inexpensive polyurethane and geotextile membranes to sealed concrete and fibreglass. There are instructions on how to seal a variety of containers with step-by-step illustrations.

This book will show you how to plan and execute your designs, detailing tools and materials, sealants, pumps, and filters. Design ideas are well illustrated and include several before and after examples guaranteed to inspire even the most reluctant handyman.

Once you have established your new water feature, learn how to maintain it, stock it with fish, and attract birds, frogs and other creatures to your new environment.

There are also details about marginal plants, floating aquatic plants, and rock garden plants, with full colour photographs to assist with plant identification.

Create a feature that will refresh and revitalise your outdoor area, whether you want a natural pond for keeping fish, a more compact feature using planters to enliven your patio, a simple Japanese feature, or a trickling stream which looks as if it occurs quite naturally. With this beautifully illustrated book, you will be able to create the water feature of your dreams.



1 review for Water Features for Patios and Gardens(e-Book)

  1. Donald

    A brilliant book with great projects. Step-by-steps are so easy to follow, good work!

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